What is Quick Login?

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Quick Login is an extension for Google's browser, Chrome. The objective is to help those who have multiple accounts with Google to assist them in the login and logout process. You can configure your Google credentials in Quick Login and it will take care of the login and login processes for you. You can configure up to 10 Google accounts in the extension now.

Quick Login works as a form filler in the Google's login screens according to the account selected to login using the extension. It will make sure to logout any logged in accounts before trying the login. In effect, you will get a Password management system working exclusive for Google accounts

Additionally, Quick Login shows up a Sign-in Assistant if you stumble upon any of the Google's login screens. This Sign-in Assistant will get loaded with the accounts configured in Quick Login. Just selecting any of those accounts, will make an attempt to login. It has to be noted that Sign-in Assistant will work with only few of the Google's Services.

This extension is NOT intended to be used in public places where others will have access to your computer. if this is the case, you should restrain yourself by not storing the passwords in Quick Login. This is as if you have told your form filler to remember your credentials.




1. Quick Login will NOT attempt a login if any of the username or password is not provided in the Quick Login Options page.

2. Login credentials, which includes the password, is stored encrypted in your local system using local storage. Quick Login will not be responsible for the security of your local storage.

3. Quick Login will not work for login pages with Captcha.

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QuickLogin extension is no longer being maintained. You are visiting an archived website. Please check out our other extensions and utilities here: http://apps4u.net/