Quick Login - Version History

Version - Feb 18, 2012

Use the same tab functionality

show icon near to advanced options to open the website page in new tab

Minor UI fixes

Version - Dec 02, 2011

Secure Analytic code inclusion

Version - Nov 22, 2011

Assistant image and content gets stretched to the whole page of app login pages - fix

Version - Nov 12, 2011

Facebook page link provided

Minor fixes and graphical enhancements - shows the assistant image in full width.

Version - Nov 06, 2011

Minor fixes and graphical enhancements as per new web store standards.

Version - Sep 13, 2011

Enhanced permission settings since Google changed their account login management to accounts.google.com. Since the changes are not global, the old link (www.google.com) is also enabled, for now.

Version - Aug 14, 2011

Minor UI enhancement in the Login Assisstant display to accomodate the new Google's Login page; induced transparency.

Version - Jul 31, 2011

Fixes to regain access to the product listing page, since there was changes related to Google Plus

Image resource improvements

Version - Mar 24, 2011

Name changes as per Chrome web store standards

Version - Nov 07, 2010

UI and logo changes, made 3D

Assistant on the right side of the login pages, since it was covering the logo/page-content in few pages.

Enhanced Assistant interface

Version - Sep 05, 2010

Took out the email validation for username since it is not always in the form of an email id, as per the user comments.

Version - Aug 08, 2010

With limited functionality to support for Google Product URLs/links. This is available under "Advanced Options" in the options page of the extension.


With fixes for services like Youtube that has event handlers associated to login/signin buttons.


Initial release version expecting comments and suggestions from users.

If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, quickly communicate them at