Advanced Options

Advanced options can be enabled in the top-right section of the Quick Login's Options page. Once enabled, it will allow you to specify the Google Product URL to which you want to be redirected to, after the automatic login.

Please note that this is a limited functionality and it does not work with all of the Google's services.

Known list of Google Product URLs

Below are few tested links that is supported in Quick Login.

Google Apps URLs:

More links related to your products will be available in your App Dashboard

If the product you are interested in is not listed here, use the methods below to find the URL.

How to find the URLs for various Google products?

You can find the URLs for different Google Products by any of the below methods.

Method 1:

The recommended way is to retrieve the link from the Google's manage account page once you login. See the video below which shows how to do this.

Method 2:

Another alternative is to fetch from the Google links from various Google websites. Below video will show one way of doing this.

If the URL provided is invalid, Google page will show a message saying "The page you requested is invalid."

There are other methods also in which you can find the working URL for various Google products as and when they get released. Usually, this information will be available in the address bar, while trying to login to Google service, in the "continue" query string.

Contact me!

Alternatively, you can contact me at the email provided at the contact page, if you're having trouble finding out the product URL that works in Quick Login.